BTG022 (Audio and Video) News: Scrabble on the Kindle, Pets Dressed as Literary Characters, and More

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Franzen Typogate

Jonathan Franzen’s book Freedom suffers UK recall (The Guardian)
Franzen’s British Publisher Apologizes for Printing Errors (New York Times)

Scrabble for Kindle

Is SCRABBLE for Kindle a game changer? (ZDnet)
Scrabble is a Kindle bestseller. Is the e-reader getting game-y? (LA Times)

iPad and Kindle Demographics

iPad Skews Young and Male, While Kindle Attracts  Affluent Consumers (MIN Online)

Literary Map of Manhattan

Top 10 Words from Trademarks

Top 10 Words from Trademarks (Merriam-Webster)

Critterati Contest

Critterati contest details (The New Yorker)

Social Media and Death

Facebook Form to Memorialize an Account (Facebook)
What Happens to Your Facebook After you Die? (Time)

Legacy Locker
Asset Lock

National Novel Writing Month



I’m speaking at BlogWorld in Las Vegas. If you’re going, register now. (affiliate link)

Glamour of Grammar Review

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Fiction Writing Newsetter

David Farland’s “Daily Kick in the Pants”

Google Editions

Google Editions to launch in US this year, Europe next year

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