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Why I removed all the Amazon links from my site

Crap! I really don’t want to write this blog post. I’m not a fighter, but when someone screws with my livelihood, I get angry. Really angry. And anger can make me do things that are outside my comfort zone. You … Continue reading

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BTG 011 Podcast: News From Our Crazy Digital World

This post goes with an audio podcast. In some cases, the link to the audio file will be at the bottom of the page. You can also subscribe to the podcast at iTunes. Google Book Settlement Society of Authors on … Continue reading

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A Quick Message About Split Infinitives

People are posting messages on my Facebook page incorrectly stating that split infinitives are against the rules in English and that good writers should not split infinitives. I needed to take immediate action to dispel this myth. The authoritative Bryan … Continue reading

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BTG 010 Podcast: Books, Kindle, Word of the Year, Retweeting, Quick and Dirty Tips in 2009

SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST AT ITUNES Main Topics Book sales at big stores weren’t good over Christmas. What’s up with the Kindle? Does it matter that Kindle books outsold print books on Christmas day? Why is Amazon releasing the Kindle … Continue reading

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Radio Interviews to Promote ‘The Grammar Devotional’

I’m doing 23 radio interviews tomorrow morning (January 5, 2010) to promote my newest book, The Grammar Devotional. Thirteen interviews are live, so I know what time they will air. The others are taped, so I can’t tell you when … Continue reading

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