BTG 010 Podcast: Books, Kindle, Word of the Year, Retweeting, Quick and Dirty Tips in 2009


Main Topics

  • Book sales at big stores weren’t good over Christmas.
  • What’s up with the Kindle?
    • Does it matter that Kindle books outsold print books on Christmas day?
    • Why is Amazon releasing the Kindle overseas?
    • How can you get free Kindle books even if you don’t have a Kindle?
    • Lessons from Seth Harwood’s “rush the Kindle charts” campaign for his short story collection “A Long Way from Disney.”
  • Why Amazon book reviews matter.
  • “Word of the Year” news from the American Dialect Society
  • How to make it easy for people to retweet your stuff.
  • 2009 analysis of Quick and Dirty Tips performance (Hint: I’m happy.)

Links Mentioned in the Show

Seth Harwood’s Blog

John McIntyre’s Blog

Grammar Girl on YouTube

Grammar Girl iPhone app

Quick and Dirty Tips

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5 Responses to BTG 010 Podcast: Books, Kindle, Word of the Year, Retweeting, Quick and Dirty Tips in 2009

  1. I’m surprised at the drop in book sales during the holidays (Dec ’09). I bought more hardbacks and paperbacks than I had in past years. I gave two of your books as gifts to my daughter and kept a set for myself.

  2. Seth Harwood says:

    Great show, Mignon! Thanks for including me.
    I really like your recap/summary of everything going on here.
    One note is that all Kindle books are, in fact, available to read on any PC computer. No, not on a Mac yet, but if you’d like to download the free PC software, it’s here:

    Cheers and Happy New Year!


  3. Seth Harwood says:

    I should also add this: when going up against the free ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle store, you cannot fight fire with fire: that’s because Amazon won’t let me, as an independent producer of content, price my book at $0.00. The lowest they would let me go was $.99, which is what I did.

    To that, some might say –#AmazonFail!



  4. chris says:

    I bought a ton of used books this holiday season-my local libraries now sell their old used books online, and amazon has a nice selection. I guess those don’t count as regular “sales” but it’s a lot cheaper. (I did buy The Grammar Devotional new though!)
    I’m glad that you’re keeping up this podcast, it’s very entertaining.

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