Snow Leopard and the Interrobang

Douglas Cootey (@SplinteredMind at Twitter) tells me that Snow Leopard, the new Mac operating system, has a text substitution function that you can set up so it inserts an interrobang (‽) when you type something such as ?!

Here’s how Douglas says to do it:

  • Go to System Preferences>Language & Text>Text (to define the replacements you want).
  • To enable substitutions in an application, right click or control click in any text field and check (√) Substitutions you want. (Smart Quotes, etc.)

Another site explains that you only have to enable text substitution once for each application.

I don’t have Snow Leopard, but I hope this works for those of you who do!

[UPDATE 9/2/09: Chris Anna (@Chris_Anna) notes that you can do this in Microsoft Word too.]

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One Response to Snow Leopard and the Interrobang

  1. John says:

    Works with standard apps but you have to turn on the feature. Some apps that have their own special characters menus may not play well (i.e. Pages, Word), but they may have their own “Auto-Correct” prefs. Click the “?” while in the Text Pane to learn more.

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