BTG004 Interview with Evo Terra, Founder of Podiobooks

podiobooks300x300Evo Terra, co-author of Podcasting for Dummies (with Tee Morris) and founder of, talks about authors who release their books as free audio at his site. Topics we covered include

  • Success stories
  • What doesn’t work?
  • Tips for producing a good audiobook
  • How does having the audiobook out there free affect the ability to publish work later?
  • Can giving material away actually help sales?
  • Giving it away isn’t all you need to do.
  • How do donations work?
  • How does Podiobooks function as an organization?
  • What’s in Podiobooks’ future?
  • How can listeners choose the best books?
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3 Responses to BTG004 Interview with Evo Terra, Founder of Podiobooks

  1. Len Edgerly says:

    Mignon, how come when I go to this web page there’s an “Authentication Required” dialog box that pops up? I can cancel out of it, but it’s disconcerting.
    Terrific interview, BTW. You have a light, insightful touch that gives your guest full opportunity to be fascinating and informative.

  2. Mignon says:

    Hi, Len.

    I don’t know what is going on. My Twitter account has been suspended and I don’t know why. Very frustrating! I submitted a support ticket, and they immediately marked it as solved, but my account is still suspended. I added a comment (reopening the ticket), but so far, no response from anyone at Twitter.

    When I pull up “Behind the Grammar” it asks me for my Twitter account and password for authentication. I think it is the Twitter widget in my sidebar trying to log in. I guess I’ll take it down until this account stuff gets ironed out. (Did I mention that it’s very frustrating?) 🙂

  3. Nora says:

    Great interivew, Mignon. I went to podiobooks while I was listening to your podcasts and found a bunch of interesting podcasts. “Great Moments in History” is my current favorite.

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