Signed Books for the Holidays

People have been asking if they can get signed Grammar Girl books for the holidays, so I checked with my publisher and got a green light!


Here’s how it will work:

I’ll sell each signed book for about $18.00 $19.00. (That’s the cover price plus ~$4.00 $5.00 for postage, PayPal fees, and a book-sized envelope. Yes, I will give a discount for combined shipping. Two books shipped together will be ~$36.00. I’m just charging actual costs; no markup.)

I’ll giftwrap your book or books for an additional $10 per book. (Why so much? I hate gift wrapping, but if you desperately want it, I’ll do it and try to make it pretty.)


If you want to buy signed books, send an e-mail message to mignon [at] behindthegrammar [dot] com with the following information:

  • How many books you want
  • What you want each signature page to say (I’ll be happy to just sign my name or write a short personal message.)
  • Whether you want giftwrapping
  • The shipping address or addresses

I’ll write back and tell you exactly how much it will cost.

You will pay through PayPal.

I’ll sign and send the books.


U.S. and Canadian orders only. Sorry. (Why? I’d have to physically go to the post office and stand in line to mail them. With U.S. and Canadian orders, I can buy stamps and drop the envelopes in any mailbox.)

Place your order by December 18, 2008.

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7 Responses to Signed Books for the Holidays

  1. Rob Blatt says:

    I love that your hatred of gift wrapping has a price. Now how can we get our copies that we already have signed?

  2. Jen says:

    You are cracking me up about the gift wrapping. Go work at Hallmark. There you will learn to appreciate the art of gift wrapping. 🙂

  3. admin says:

    I have big stickers I can sign for you to put in books you already own. When I was on my book tour and bookstores ran out of books, they had me sign these stickers and they called them “book plates.” But really, they’re just big mailing labels.

    I’ll send those for whatever they cost if people want them — probably about $1 after postage, PayPal fees, and an envelope.

  4. Mike Lee says:

    Ooh, it’s a shame about the U.S. and Canadian thing. I was just thinking I’d buy one of those stickers for my copy. (I’ve already wrapped the copies I bought for my best friend and my Dad, so it’s too late to do anything to those!)

    Oh well: it’s an awesome book with or without an autograph! 🙂

  5. Perfecto! Now I just have to some up with a personal message for my niece that conveys “learn grammar or else you will be mocked for life by grammarians” without sounding too snarky.

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  7. Natural says:

    i picked up your book from reading a little bit everyday. good stuff, i need the reminder.

    oh can you follow me back on twitter @ntrlwmn. i like my numbers to be balanced and right now you’re not on board. OCD thank you.

    i mean please. 🙂

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