LAST CHANCE: Peeve Wars Ordering Ends Sunday Night

Peeve Wars is now bigger: 72 cards!

Peeve Wars is now better: 3 new hero cards and 5 new peeve cards!

Thanks to everyone who backed the project, I’ve been able to expand the deck. To get the word out and give people who may have been on the fence a chance to order, I’ve extended the deadline to Sunday night. You have only about 24 hours left to get a deck of cards! If you want one, get it now at (See the “Two Decks” reward for a discount.)

What Is Peeve Wars?

Peeve Wars is a card game based on pet peeves: Amass an army of peeve cards to annoy your opponent(s) to death. Start with 3 cool points, and each time an opponent successfully annoys you, you lose a cool. When you completely lose your cool, you lose the game. Peeves have powers or rules related to their name. For example, only one “Very Unique” can be in play at a time, “Could Care Less” lets you ignore an attempt to annoy, and “Gone Missing” lets you steal a card. Hero cards, such as the “Librarian,” give you patience to help resist the power of the peeves—but each hero has a nemesis.

Order your Peeve Wars deck of card today.

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