Phoenix E-Publishing Workshop Discount

My friend Evo Terra is putting on an e-publishing workshop in Phoenix on September 17, 2011 (next Saturday!) and is offering a $30 discount to the first 12 people to sign up using the code APOSTROPHE (not case sensitive), making the final price $99. Here is their description of the conference:

This full-day workshop will be held in Phoenix on Saturday, September 17th, and is chock full of information ranging from ePublishing trends to copyright issues to using social media for promoting your work. Yes, you’ll walk away with detailed steps on how to successfully epublish your book. But you’ll also learn how to select the right service provider, what ebook formats to ignore, how to make sure people find your book, as well as proven strategies to build your fan base while still finding time to keep writing!

This isn’t a conference on developing your characters or making your plot more engaging. There are plenty of writing-focused conferences already. Instead, we’re teaching you the the technology, techniques and tactics required to become a self-publisher in the evolving digital world.

Sign up at EventBrite and remember to use the code APOSTROPHE for the discount.

Evo Terra is the founder of and co-founder of FarPoint Media. Co-organizer Jeff Moriarty is the co-founder of ePublish Unum and leader of the Phoenix Social Media Club.

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