First-Five-Pages (FFP) Book Reviews

I’m starting a new kind of post: First-Five-Pages Book Reviews.

People send me books because they’d like me to review them, tweet about them, and post info about them at Facebook. Lots of books. More books than I could possibly read. I feel bad saying no, so now I have a huge stack of guilt-inducing books at my feet. “You said you’d read me,” they whisper. “You know what it’s like to be an author who wants nothing more than someone to say something nice about your book,” they plead. And those are the polite books.

Since common writing advice is to hook your readers fast, I’ve decided to hold books to that standard. I’ll write reviews based on the first five pages. I can get through five pages. I hope.

I’ll post the first review soon. (I want this post to stand alone so I can link back to it to help people understand what I’m doing later.)

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