BTG 013 Kafka’s Safe Deposit Box, Refudiate, and More

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Today, in the “Behind the Grammar” podcast, I cover

  • Kafka’s safe deposit boxes
  • Sad news for public access television
  • An amusing attempt by Homer, Illinois, to adopt English as its official language
  • The intersection of language philosophy between The Economist and Sarah Palin
  • The ascension of e-books over hardcover books at Amazon

Here are the links for the articles I discuss:

Kafka’s Safe Deposit Boxes

After Lengthy Legal Battle, Franz Kafka and Max Brod Safety Deposit Boxes Being Opened
Israel in Legal Battle Over Kafka’s Papers
Dispute Over Kafka’s Papers
Fight for Kafka’s Papers Winds Through Israeli Courts
The Bitter Legacy of Franz Kafka

Moby Dick Sales

On This Day: Moby Dick Published in America

Sad News for Public Access Television

Shutting Down Public Access TV

Without more funds, URTV will close in September

Reno Public Access TV station shut down

Homer, Illinois Adopts English as Its Official Language. There’s Just a Little Problem.

English only spoken here

Township adopts language ordinance

Is attacking someone’s grammar the weak way out?

By their use shall ye know them


Sarah Palin uses Twitter to criticize Ground Zero mosque, gets slammed for poor grammar

Sarah Palin invents new word: refudiate

E-Books Overtake Hardbacks at Amazon

Amazon says it’s selling 80% more downloaded books than hardcovers

E-books top hardcovers at Amazon

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