How Do You Say You Posted a Message to Twitter?

Twitter user @two35am wanted to know the right way to say he posted a message to Twitter, and I confess that I didn’t have a definitive answer. What do you think:

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27 Responses to How Do You Say You Posted a Message to Twitter?

  1. You know that if you say “Twitted” or “Twittered,” a little Twitter bird or perhaps a tremendous whale is sighing to itself, saying, “Don’t verbify me, bro!”

    Glad you posted this as a poll, Grammar Girl! I see I’m in the “Twittered” minority and that no one (yet) says “Twitted.” (Thank goodness, because that’s horrendous.)

  2. Lori says:

    I would say, “I posted a tweet.”

  3. “Check out my latest tweet!”
    “I just left a little tweet.”
    “I just tweeted.”

  4. Lanne says:

    I say. I posted a tweet. I twittered the other day (past tense) or I will have to twitter that.

    I consider tweet to be the post. Twitter to be the action or program. So I can twitter, or i post a tweet. Or I twittered.

    but I could be wrong. 😉

  5. Mike Kuypers says:

    These days I say “I plurked” or “I pinged” more often, but tweeted would be my choice.

  6. julie says:

    most of my friends don’t use twitter. so i try to avoid using the word tweet, because they are just getting used to the word twitter, and it confuses them

  7. tyroga says:

    always “Tweet”. If asked what am I doing tapping away ok my iPhone, my response is usually “tweeting”, “sending a tweet” or checking my Twitter.

  8. Bubbles says:

    I always want to say I twitted, because to me it seems the logical past tense, but I feel twitted just opens me up for ridicule.

  9. Brian Carter says:

    Seeing your poll, I want to choose both the first two- I tweeted if it was one tweet, I twittered if I did multiple tweets and dm’s etc.

  10. I say ‘I twitted…’ and it seems most of us are saying so ^^

  11. rom says:

    I think it is twitterred – like googledd

  12. Aulia says:

    Tweet. I remember reading it on Twitter’s FAQ or other support page but it’s a shame that they hadn’t really tried to make it obvious.

    Twitter : Name of service
    Tweet : The post on Twitter or the action of posting on Twitter.

    If you say Twittered it’s like saying Xeroxed. A misuse through laziness, ignorance, or simply just being uninformed.

  13. Mike Lee says:

    My understanding is:

    Twitter (noun): The Twitter website, or a specific Twitter profile.
    Twitter/Twittered/Twittering (verb): Posting a message on Twitter.
    Tweet (noun): A Twitter post.

    Because I’d never say a bird was “tweeting”, I’d say it was “twittering”. But I’d describe the sound as a “tweet”. 🙂

  14. Mike Lee says:

    Although, thinking about it… if “retweet” works the same as the other verbs beginning with “re”, that MUST mean the verb is “Tweet”.

  15. Maria says:

    It’s definitely “tweeted,” since the verb appears to be “to tweet.” This is just about universal with my Twitter friends, most of whom have been tweeting for well over a year. Twitter is the name of the service, but not necessarily the name of the activity to interact with it.

  16. AuggieWren says:

    Yesterday, I tweeted about grammar.

    That’s me in a nutshell, where I belong.

  17. admin says:

    Good points about the other possibilities! I hate to change the possible answers after posting a poll though because it skews the already-oh-so-unscientific results.

  18. Michael says:

    “Twitter” is the service. “Tweet” is the verb, at least according to those who set up the service. “Twit” … well, I guess that would be me.

  19. I tweet. Yesterday, I tweeted. In my lifetime, I’ve tweetered. I’m tweetious, but my doctor says it’s tweetable.

  20. Bon says:

    I say “Twittered” because the “Twitter” brand isn’t well-known enough (or well-associated-with-Tweeting enough) to be what is meant when saying “Tweeted.”

    If I say, “I Tweeted,” someone will ask, “Huh??” and I’ll have to explain that “Tweeting is posting a Tweet at Twitter.”

    If I say, “I Twittered,” only those who do not already know what Twitter is will ask about it.

    With the former, even Twitterers will ask what “Tweeting” is, since it’s nowhere near universal in use–even by the users.

    Eesh, that’s complicated! But there’s my why behind my vote. 😉

  21. Hey there. I’ve been around long enough to seriously think I know the answer and I think @EV would agree (heck, he IS Twitter).

    We “tweet”. Verb. Twitter is the platform/company/etc…

    So I tweeted yesterday. We do not twitter and we do NOT twit.

  22. It’s not called Tweeter, it’s called Twitter, so I think it should be, “I posted a Twit.” Or you could say, “I made a Twit,” but that sounds like two grammar geeks hooked up and started a family. Then again, Twitter users are Twits, so this might be confusing. And, if you use “tweet,” you can say that you just posted a “sweet tweet.”

  23. Mignon says:

    Adding to the confusion, the name of the social networking tool “TwitThis” encourages people to think of a post as a “twit,” and when you use the tool it say you have successfully “twitted” your link.

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