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BTG016 “It Was the Best of Sentences” Interview

This is an audio interview. In some cases, the link to the audio file will be at the bottom of the post. Interview with June Casagrande, author of Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies, Mortal Syntax, and It Was the Best of Sentences. It Was the Worst of Sentences.

Wylie and E-Books: What Am I Missing?

There’s hot publishing news this week, folks! I’ll talk about the details in the 8/3 Behind the Grammar podcast, but for now, here’s the rundown: Big shot agent Andrew Wylie founded a publishing company, Odyssey, to make an exclusive two-year deal with Amazon for the e-book rights of ~20 of his big shot authors (or [...]

BTG007 Interview with Seth Harwood, Author of “Jack Wakes Up”

In this podcast Mignon interviews Seth Harwood, author of “Jack Wakes Up.” Seth is a trained writer, who teaches writing at San Francisco City College and Stanford. He is known as one of the leaders in online book marketing and his novel “Jack Wakes Up” came out in May. We talk about * the plot [...]

001BTG Interview with JC Hutchins

In the first episode of my new podcast, Behind the Grammar, JC Hutchins coins a neologism (“vlurb”), reveals what JC stands for, and talks about how he wrote Personal Effect: Dark Art in two months and made his amazing video trailers. JCHutchins.net/trailers