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Twitter Favorites Are Getting More Public

Twitter is making changes to its Web interface that may cause you to rethink how you use the “favorite” feature. A small group of users are seeing the @Mentions tab being replaced with a tab that has your username and a new “Activity” tab, and Mashable says the change will be gradually rolled out to [...]

Is Your Stuff Worth a Retweet?

This is my “duh” observation for the day, but since many people don’t seem to get it, it seems worth writing about: I’m more likely to tweet about your promotion (or retweet you) if you give me something worth retweeting. Here’s an example of something that doesn’t compel me to help you: “I’m doing a [...]

BTG005 Are Movie Studios Killing Podcasting?

SALINGER UPDATE Publishers Weekly article Associated Press story (I’m now pondering the difference between an article and a story.) PODCASTING Movie studios are posting single clips as podcasts. The worst offenders: Underworld — 1 MP3, last updated in April Street Fighter — 1 MP3, late updated in late June* Fired Up — 1 MP3, last [...]

What Do You Call Making Up Words?

In the book Personal Effects: Dark Arts by JC Hutchins (@jchutchins), a guy makes up words hoping people will use them (for example, he makes up the word “foolbiscuit” to mean idiot). My favorite pop-culture instance of this is the character in the movie “Mean Girls” who keeps trying to get everyone to use the [...]

Style Versus Voice

I’m struggling to define the difference between style and voice in writing. I’m developing the idea that style is something like format (you can write with a technical style or a conversational style, for example), and voice is something inherent in your writing that is harder to define: it’s what makes your writing sound like [...]

What People Forget About Twitter

[Note: I've had this post in my drafts folder for seven months, and now the Motrin fiasco has prompted me to finish it.] I sometimes hear from business people who believe Twitter isn’t that important because even the most popular people only have a few thousand followers. With so few followers you’re just wasting your [...]

When I Twitter

There’s an interesting new tool at Xefer that makes a chart of your Twitter messages (tweets) so you can see the times and days when you are most active on Twitter. Here’s my chart: