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Semicolons Are Wrong?

OK, I had to create this poll. I really had to. An author on Twitter said she doesn’t think there’s a place for semicolons in modern fiction: “When editors put them in character’s dialogue, it is like a reading speed bump to me. Seems unnatural.” I’m flabbergasted. I’m vacillating between speechless, sputtering, and ranting at [...]

How Do You Say You Posted a Message to Twitter?

Twitter user @two35am wanted to know the right way to say he posted a message to Twitter, and I confess that I didn’t have a definitive answer. What do you think: Online Surveys & Market Research

Is “Funnest” a Word?

Vote on when it is OK to use the word “funnest.” This poll was inspired by the “Funnest iPod Ever” marketing campaign. Here’s my Grammar Girl post about “funnest.” Online Surveys & Market Research