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On Keeping Your Opinions to Yourself

My brother will be looking for a job soon, and so far he’s ignoring my advice to clean up his Facebook profile. The problem isn’t wild party pictures, he’s quite the diligent student, it’s his wild political views. My philosophy is that when you’re selling something, including yourself, you should be as inoffensive as possible. [...]

Can Your Computer Be Too Easy to Use?

A couple of days ago I had to go to a hotel because the water was turned off in my building. I grudgingly left behind my beloved desktop Mac and packed my laptop. I grumbled that I wasn’t going to get any work done. Surprisingly, I got a ton of work done with time to [...]

Is It Worth Going to an Expensive College?

I had a fun surprise this morning when I saw Pandora’s Tim Westergren on CNBC. I worked a summer job with Tim many years ago when I was a graduate student at Stanford. He was running a program to encourage minority students to study science, and I was one of the mentors, but I remember [...]

The Volume of a Drop

Sometimes I get a question that doesn’t have an answer. Today’s question was about the rules for using a shortened name. For example, when do you write “Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC)” and use “TMCC” in the rest of the document, and when do you write out the full name every time you use it [...]

Social Networks and Death

Now that I have hundreds of social media friends I try to keep up with every day, I’ve noticed that my view of the world is changing. A while ago three people in my network had someone close to them die unexpectedly in one week. Just today, two people I follow know someone who died. [...]

Can You Turn Your Passion Into a Job and Keep the Passion Alive?

Chris Guillebeau recently asked me to contribute to a post on his blog about whether financial success follows if you “follow your passion” as so many gurus recommend. There ended up being a bunch of great opinions from a number of successful bloggers, writers, and business owners. But none of us addressed another topic, which [...]