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“Crazy Sarah”

Meet Sarah, a copyeditor with a little too much passion: Note: Since a lot of people didn’t get the joke, “Chicago 6.18″ refers to the Chicago Manual of Style section on commas. Having to explain the joke seems like a sure sign I wasn’t meant for humor writing, but I thought it was hilarious.

Book Burning

What would politicians call a book burning? Cellulosic biofuel research. Image of the book burning memorial in Berlin by Venana. Some rights reserved.

Is National Punctuation Day Becoming Too Commercial?

Happy National Punctuation Day! One of my guest writers, Charles Carson from the journal American Speech, sent me a funny message asking if I thought National Punctuation Day is becoming too commercial. I laughed and posted the message to Twitter and received these amusing responses. You people crack me up! Add your own sentiment in [...]