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Sneaked Versus Snuck

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Capitalizing Internet

On the Grammar Girl website, I explain that the reason most publications capitalize “Internet” is that it’s the name of one specific thing or place, making it a proper noun. Yesterday I was reading the New Scientist (May 2, 2009) and came across this incongruity: They have an article titled “Is there only one Internet?” [...]

Style Versus Voice

I’m struggling to define the difference between style and voice in writing. I’m developing the idea that style is something like format (you can write with a technical style or a conversational style, for example), and voice is something inherent in your writing that is harder to define: it’s what makes your writing sound like [...]

A Rare Sentence

I’ll say it first: I’m a nerd. I got so excited about seeing an unusual sentence construction that I had to share it with you. This wonderful capital letter in the middle of a sentence is perfectly correct; you just don’t see it too often. In case you can’t read the scanned image, the sentence [...]

“Crazy Sarah”

Meet Sarah, a copyeditor with a little too much passion: Note: Since a lot of people didn’t get the joke, “Chicago 6.18″ refers to the Chicago Manual of Style section on commas. Having to explain the joke seems like a sure sign I wasn’t meant for humor writing, but I thought it was hilarious.

Is “Funnest” a Word?

Vote on when it is OK to use the word “funnest.” This poll was inspired by the “Funnest iPod Ever” marketing campaign. Here’s my Grammar Girl post about “funnest.” Online Surveys & Market Research