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E-book Analytics Is a Blindingly Obvious Market

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My E-Books Are on Sale

My second book has just been released as an e-book, so to celebrate, my publisher has put both my e-books on sale. For just another week or so, you can get THE GRAMMAR DEVOTIONAL e-book for $4.99 and GRAMMAR GIRL’S QUICK AND DIRTY TIPS FOR BETTER WRITING for $4.99. The regular prices are $9.99. The [...]

Wylie and E-Books: What Am I Missing?

There’s hot publishing news this week, folks! I’ll talk about the details in the 8/3 Behind the Grammar podcast, but for now, here’s the rundown: Big shot agent Andrew Wylie founded a publishing company, Odyssey, to make an exclusive two-year deal with Amazon for the e-book rights of ~20 of his big shot authors (or [...]