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E-book Analytics Is a Blindingly Obvious Market

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Wylie and E-Books: What Am I Missing?

There’s hot publishing news this week, folks! I’ll talk about the details in the 8/3 Behind the Grammar podcast, but for now, here’s the rundown: Big shot agent Andrew Wylie founded a publishing company, Odyssey, to make an exclusive two-year deal with Amazon for the e-book rights of ~20 of his big shot authors (or [...]

BTG 012 Manuscript Contests, Salinger, and More

This is an audio podcast. The link to the audio file may be at the bottom in some cases. Links Mentioned in This Podcast Wall Street Journal article about manuscript contests Authonomy.com Writing Excuses podcast Wired article, “The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell” Time article about Salinger

Amazon Still Hasn’t Reactivated Macamillan Book Sales

Although Amazon said they would capitulate in their dispute with Macmillan four days ago, they still have not reactivated Macmillan book sales on their site. They don’t seem to have thought out anything very well in this mess. So although it was widely reported Amazon gave in, it isn’t true. Most people speculate Jeff Bezos [...]

Why I removed all the Amazon links from my site

Crap! I really don’t want to write this blog post. I’m not a fighter, but when someone screws with my livelihood, I get angry. Really angry. And anger can make me do things that are outside my comfort zone. You see, Amazon has removed all Macmillan books from its website because it is having a [...]

BTG 011 Podcast: News From Our Crazy Digital World

This post goes with an audio podcast. In some cases, the link to the audio file will be at the bottom of the page. You can also subscribe to the podcast at iTunes. Google Book Settlement Society of Authors on the Google book settlement Library Journal article about the book settlement Paid Content article about [...]

Is Your Stuff Worth a Retweet?

This is my “duh” observation for the day, but since many people don’t seem to get it, it seems worth writing about: I’m more likely to tweet about your promotion (or retweet you) if you give me something worth retweeting. Here’s an example of something that doesn’t compel me to help you: “I’m doing a [...]

BTG005 Are Movie Studios Killing Podcasting?

SALINGER UPDATE Publishers Weekly article Associated Press story (I’m now pondering the difference between an article and a story.) PODCASTING Movie studios are posting single clips as podcasts. The worst offenders: Underworld — 1 MP3, last updated in April Street Fighter — 1 MP3, late updated in late June* Fired Up — 1 MP3, last [...]