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Top 10 Made Up Words

Top 10* Made Up Words Sarah Palin confusing refudiate for repudiate and then calling it a new word got me thinking about other made up words. Refudiate may not have much staying power, but most of the following 10 words … Continue reading

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The Volume of a Drop

Sometimes I get a question that doesn’t have an answer. Today’s question was about the rules for using a shortened name. For example, when do you write “Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC)” and use “TMCC” in the rest of the … Continue reading

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March Forth: The Grammar Song

Martha Brockenbrough asked me to host National Grammar Day (March 4) this year, so in an irrational fit of exuberance–and with the help and patient support of Erika Paul Carlson (The Jazz Lady) and Michael Eardley (Tanglewood Productions); my husband … Continue reading

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A Quick Message About Split Infinitives

People are posting messages on my Facebook page incorrectly stating that split infinitives are against the rules in English and that good writers should not split infinitives. I needed to take immediate action to dispel this myth. The authoritative Bryan … Continue reading

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Sneaked Versus Snuck

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Consider Buying ‘Garner’s Modern American Usage’

People often ask me what is the one book I couldn’t live without, and the answer is Garner’s Modern American Usage, which is why I was shocked to receive the message below (which I trimmed) from the author this morning … Continue reading

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Podcasts on an E-reader?

Buried near the end of an article about Barnes & Noble’s new ereader, Nook, I found this tidbit: “the device supports a user’s pictures and MP3s (it includes a speaker and headphone jack…” The Nook also supports RSS subscriptions, but … Continue reading

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National Punctuation Day Contest

September 24 is National Punctuation Day! Send an ode to your favorite punctuation mark to The week of the 24th, we’ll feature the best entries as the tip-of-day in the Grammar Girl e-mail newsletter, and one entry may be … Continue reading

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Snow Leopard and the Interrobang

Douglas Cootey (@SplinteredMind at Twitter) tells me that Snow Leopard, the new Mac operating system, has a text substitution function that you can set up so it inserts an interrobang (‽) when you type something such as ?! Here’s how … Continue reading

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How Can We Get Remaindered, Set-To-Be Pulped Books to Charities Who Want Them?

A dirty secret of the book publishing industry is that millions of books are pulped (shredded) each year. For example, the BBC reported in 2001 that “Up to one million books per month are being pulped in Britain.” Despite this … Continue reading

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