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E-book Analytics Is a Blindingly Obvious Market

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The End of The Bold Italic

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How to Pronounce Mignon Fogarty

When I recently interviewed someone with a difficult name, I spent about 30 minutes before the interview trying to find a file that had the proper pronunciation of his name. So I thought I’d make it easier for anyone who is trying to find the pronunciation of my name. (Click “play” below.) How to Pronounce [...]

Get Signed Grammar Girl Books. Order by Saturday

This Saturday I’m participating in Indies First and signing books at the Sundance Bookstore in Reno—and the store can take phone orders! That means you can call the store anytime before Saturday (November 29, 2014) at around 2:00 to buy a signed Grammar Girl book. They’ll take the order and ship you the book. In [...]

Are News Sites Allergic to External Links?

This happens all the time, and it annoys me all the time: A big news site (in this case, The Christian Science Monitor) has an article about a specific thing (in this case, the guy who has raised $70K in a Kickstarter to make potato salad). But there’s NO LINK TO THE KICKSTARTER. (Yes, I’m [...]

Peeve Wars: Just Waiting for the Decks

Almost everything is here! The posters, bookmarks, postcards, individual cards, cool tokens, instruction manuals, and shipping materials are all sitting in my living room; I’m just waiting for the decks to arrive to start assembling the packages for shipping. The company printing the decks gave me an estimated ship date of June 17, but obviously, [...]

LAST CHANCE: Peeve Wars Ordering Ends Sunday Night

Peeve Wars is now bigger: 72 cards! Peeve Wars is now better: 3 new hero cards and 5 new peeve cards! Thanks to everyone who backed the project, I’ve been able to expand the deck. To get the word out and give people who may have been on the fence a chance to order, I’ve [...]

Peeve Wars Is Funded! Get Your Deck Today

In case you haven’t heard, I’m crowd funding a card game called Peeve Wars. It’s fully funded, and you have only a few more days left to reserve a deck before we shut down ordering and start printing cards. Get your deck now while you’re thinking about it. You’re going to want to play this [...]

Does “Free” Mean “Worthless”?

I just threw away yet another card from Starbucks that offered me something free. This time it was for an app, but often it’s for a song, and sometimes it’s for a book. This time, I didn’t even bother getting the app. Between the Starbucks offers and the iTunes free song of the week, I’ve probably [...]

Phoenix E-Publishing Workshop Discount

My friend Evo Terra is putting on an e-publishing workshop in Phoenix on September 17, 2011 (next Saturday!) and is offering a $30 discount to the first 12 people to sign up using the code APOSTROPHE (not case sensitive), making the final price $99. Here is their description of the conference: This full-day workshop will [...]