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Twitter Favorites Are Getting More Public

Twitter is making changes to its Web interface that may cause you to rethink how you use the “favorite” feature. A small group of users are seeing the @Mentions tab being replaced with a tab that has your username and a new “Activity” tab, and Mashable says the change will be gradually rolled out to [...]

Is Your Stuff Worth a Retweet?

This is my “duh” observation for the day, but since many people don’t seem to get it, it seems worth writing about: I’m more likely to tweet about your promotion (or retweet you) if you give me something worth retweeting. Here’s an example of something that doesn’t compel me to help you: “I’m doing a [...]

Semicolons Are Wrong?

OK, I had to create this poll. I really had to. An author on Twitter said she doesn’t think there’s a place for semicolons in modern fiction: “When editors put them in character’s dialogue, it is like a reading speed bump to me. Seems unnatural.” I’m flabbergasted. I’m vacillating between speechless, sputtering, and ranting at [...]

National Punctuation Day Contest

September 24 is National Punctuation Day! Send an ode to your favorite punctuation mark to punctuation@quickanddirtytips.com. The week of the 24th, we’ll feature the best entries as the tip-of-day in the Grammar Girl e-mail newsletter, and one entry may be chosen to be the Grammar Girl podcast on September 24. Subscribe to the Grammar Girl [...]

002BTG — What’s a Word? AP Includes Twitter Terms.

Behind the Grammar, June 11, 2009 [I don't intend to have a transcript of this show every week, but I kind of accidentally wrote one while I was waiting for my dryer to stop making noise and I was thinking about what I was going to say in this show. Notes lead to sentences, and [...]