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BTG015 Kafka, Wylie, Evanovich, E-Books, Copia, and More

This is an audio podcast. In some cases the link to the audio may be at the bottom of the page. Links for “Behind the Grammar” number 15 for August 3, 2010. Sponsor: Try GoToMeeting free for 45 days at GoToMeeting.com/podcast Flannery: A Life of Flannery O’Connor Unpublished Short Story Found in Kafka Papers Unpublished [...]

Snow Leopard and the Interrobang

Douglas Cootey (@SplinteredMind at Twitter) tells me that Snow Leopard, the new Mac operating system, has a text substitution function that you can set up so it inserts an interrobang (‽) when you type something such as ?! Here’s how Douglas says to do it: Go to System Preferences>Language & Text>Text (to define the replacements [...]

“Call In Sick” Versus “Call Out Sick” (Versus “Call Off Sick”)

A reader asked about the phrase “to call out sick,” which I had never heard, so I suspected it is a regionalism. I posted a simple message on my Grammar Girl Facebook page asking people to let me know what the phrase is where they live, and I got an amazing 145+ responses in less [...]