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Buy a Book Today, Get a Personal Thank-You Video

SUMMARY Buy a paperback copy of GRAMMAR GIRL’S 101 MISUSED WORDS YOU’LL NEVER CONFUSE AGAIN ($5.99) by midnight, Saturday, July 9, 2011; ┬ásend a screenshot or scan of your receipt to feedback@quickanddirtytips.com by noon (PST) Sunday, July 10, 2011; and I’ll record a personal video thank-you for you and post it as a private video [...]

My E-Books Are on Sale

My second book has just been released as an e-book, so to celebrate, my publisher has put both my e-books on sale. For just another week or so, you can get THE GRAMMAR DEVOTIONAL e-book for $4.99 and GRAMMAR GIRL’S QUICK AND DIRTY TIPS FOR BETTER WRITING for $4.99. The regular prices are $9.99. The [...]

For Your Children’s Teachers

THE GRAMMAR DEVOTIONAL by Mignon Fogarty (Henry Holt) It hit me this morning that it’s already time to think about gifts! Last year a bunch of people got my book The Grammar Devotional for their children’s teachers, and I got a lot of feedback that the teachers enjoyed it. Although it’s not based on a [...]

BTG016 “It Was the Best of Sentences” Interview

This is an audio interview. In some cases, the link to the audio file will be at the bottom of the post. Interview with June Casagrande, author of Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies, Mortal Syntax, and It Was the Best of Sentences. It Was the Worst of Sentences.

Amazon Still Hasn’t Reactivated Macamillan Book Sales

Although Amazon said they would capitulate in their dispute with Macmillan four days ago, they still have not reactivated Macmillan book sales on their site. They don’t seem to have thought out anything very well in this mess. So although it was widely reported Amazon gave in, it isn’t true. Most people speculate Jeff Bezos [...]

Why I removed all the Amazon links from my site

Crap! I really don’t want to write this blog post. I’m not a fighter, but when someone screws with my livelihood, I get angry. Really angry. And anger can make me do things that are outside my comfort zone. You see, Amazon has removed all Macmillan books from its website because it is having a [...]

Radio Interviews to Promote ‘The Grammar Devotional’

I’m doing 23 radio interviews tomorrow morning (January 5, 2010) to promote my newest book, The Grammar Devotional. Thirteen interviews are live, so I know what time they will air. The others are taped, so I can’t tell you when they’ll be on. (All times are Eastern; I guess the New Yorkers like to mess [...]